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LOCUS owes its inception to various events over the years but it can be more precisely traced back to the days, when its director, Yogaraj and his fellow classmates, started “Mathematica”, an initiative to inspire students at school to love Mathematics, which was seen as a need of the hour. This vision, led Yogaraj around India, teaching at schools partnering with the likes of with Bhabha Atomic Centre, Azim Premji Foundation. But eventually, returning to Puducherry, LOCUS was birthed.

We are an organization, who believes not only in the highest quality of thought and education but also being flexible in working out new methods in teaching and learning so that each student benefits the most. Consequently we have grown and have progressed gradually as we embrace likeminded people on our team and plan bringing out the best both in the students as well as the members of the team.



Transforming eager young minds thought process into the language of subjects they study.


Develop thinking and reasoning power of the eager young minds.


To enable students and teachers understand that academics is more than arithmetic, formulae and mechanical procedures.


Engage every child in class with the conviction that each child has the same ability to learn.

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Sat-Sun:By Special Appointment

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