Integrated Math-Science Foundation program for


6th – 10th Grade students

The program is rightly called Integrated, for it incorporates all the components of learning required for a high school student to prepare himself/herself to face the next level with confidence and the required skill set. We have designed this program in a unique manner derived from an immense analysis of the syllabi and students’ requirements to suit to the future objectives of the competitive academics. The program is progressive, beginning from the 6th grade and moving up to 10th grade. At LOCUS we believe that conceptual understanding is essential to inspire the problem solving ability among the students and henceforth we give importance to both these components in our program. We stand aloof from the present market trend that provides regular problem solving oriented coaching which helps only a few gifted students among whom many face hurdles clearing courses later in their college studies. We aim to prepare the student to equip himself to walk his/her career path till the end and that’s possible only with the appreciation of the concepts and a keen interest to solve problems starting from high school level itself.

Class timing:

2 days a week for weekends (Saturday & Sunday) – 9 hours a week.

Course description

  • Our integrated foundation program is sufficient for students to face the NTSE (Level 1 & 2) and Olympiads with confidence. LOCUS has produced NTSE and Olympiad results every year and our Director has been the Regional Olympiad Coordinator for Puducherry in the past. We have an in depth understanding of the models of questions that appear in such exams and we have them embedded into our program.
  • This Program involves both components of theoretical and practical methods of teaching. We have already discussed above in detail regarding the theoretical aspect.
  • Now to deliver the practical component of the course content we are using a purposefully designed Science KIT as a special feature for complete learning of the students in our classes. Therefore we provide Hands On experience in learning Science and Math and channelize this energy towards problem solving. Eventually it shall become their habit to appreciate what they try to learn to answer in the examinations hence making problem solving a hobby rather than a challenge to meet.
  • Our motto is to provide students with an enabling environment to enjoy the whole process and to keep them motivated.

Our Approach:

  • The program consists of certain number of hours of classroom learning with standardised and specifically designed worksheets for each class hour.
  • Students get an introduction to the creative world of learning from 6th grade onwards. To make their learning effective, these sessions have more fun learning approach for sixth and 7th grade to kindle their imagination towards learning.
  • Beginning from 8th grade, the content weighs on problem solving on a higher side moving progressively towards the 10th grade. Utmost importance is given to align the course content with the board examinations for Tenth Grade.
  • This progressive as well as differentiated handling of courses from 6th to 10th grades is achieved through supporting study materials and test series designed as per the academic strategy.

Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Our assessments are not to differentiate the “slow learners’ and the ‘bright students’ but only for our feedback, so that our methods of teaching can be varied to be beneficial to every student.
  • Tests are conducted for each unit covered and the results are analysed pertaining to each student, which guides our faculty to implement necessary solutions to improve performance of the students.
  • Our program includes take home tests, model exams for NTSE and Olympiads etc.
  • The result of each test shall be displayed on notice board and sent to the parents through SMS

Learning outcomes

  • Clarity in solving the problem, rather than only having a knowledge of the solutions
  • Empower students to pursue their career in any of the national institutions of their interest
  • Better performance in their board exams
  • Positive approach towards learning by appreciating the concepts in Math-Science


  • Logical reasoning, & English will also be taught and relevant study material will be provided.

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